Work Injuries

  • Overuse Injuries

    Overuse injuries result from repetitive activities that cause excess stress on the tissues of the body leading to damage over time. Under normal stress, tissues undergo minor injuries and adaptive changes when they heal.

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  • Fractures

    Fracture refers to a condition where there is a complete or partial disruption in the continuity of the bone. Healthy bone is tough and resilient and can absorb powerful impacts.

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  • Crushing Injuries

    Crush injuries of the hand and upper extremities may be caused by accidents in a work environment. Such injuries can lead to increased pressure within the tissues causing further damage to multiple tissues.

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  • Nerve Compressions

    Nerves may get compressed or ‘pinched’ when pressure is exerted because of repetitive movement or holding the body in one position for a long time. Compression usually occurs between bones, ligaments and tendons present in various sites of the body.

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  • Loss of Function

    Most work-related injuries to the hand and upper extremity resolve with appropriate treatment. However, certain injuries to the nerves and muscles may lead to loss of function. Your doctor can provide a thorough evaluation and discuss treatment options and rehabilitation.

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  • American Society for Surgery of the Hand
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